Your social media success depends on one thing:

{ solid strategy }

If you feel like you’re going in circles but can’t put your finger on the problem, it’s time for a navigational tune-up. Sit down with Conversations to calibrate your Digital Strategy. During your two-hour coaching session, we’ll lay out concrete action steps to improve your approach to social media. We’ll talk about your audience, your website, your goals, what’s working — and what’s not.

Whether you’re a brand-new startup just setting out or an established business building your online presence, you’ll leave our session with a clear sense of where your digital strategy is taking you.

Digital Strategy Coaching will give you the power to…

time, money, and energy

an edge over your competitors

SEO and visitor engagement

your sales and effectiveness!

Ready to get on track?


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  1. We’ll schedule a time to get some initial info from you (goals, pain points, and more detailed information about your business).
  2. We will perform an initial analysis – diving deeper into your brand, checking out your competitors, and identifying key opportunities within your industry where we think your brand would really shine.
  3. We come together for 2 hours of strategy, planning, and plotting. This can be done face to face if you’re in New Orleans or via phone, Skype, or Google hangout – whatever you prefer.
  4. We’ll send you a detailed report so you’ve got all of the details you need. This report will contain the strategy we worked out together, as well as tons of great tools and resources to help you implement your strategy.
  5. You’ll also have 10 days of access to our team for questions, feedback, troubleshooting – we’ll support you however you need as you hit the ground running with your new success strategy!

The end result? You know exactly what your business needs to do and have the support to make it happen!

The end end result? Growth. Opportunities. Revenue.  Basically, a whole new ball game: one in which you aren’t riding the bench.




*Building compelling, relatable content for your target audience
*Brainstorming marketing concepts and campaigns to give you an edge over your competitors
*How to troubleshoot specific issues you’re having with social media
*Setting up e-mail marketing and social media campaigns
*Cost-saving recommendations
*Website audit and areas of improvement to help you generate more traffic and improve SEO
…and more! Much, much more.


Give us a shout over on the contact page and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP to get started with your Digital Strategy Coaching!

what our clients are saying about Digital Strategy Coaching

Just opened my badass packet!! Thank you for putting so much time and energy into it! I know it is part of what you do, but wanted to let you know it is far above the rest!! You go girl!!! 🙂
Monica Brignac 504 Fit Camp
 WEBB_SI know my way around the courtroom and how to write a novel, but I’m inclined to throw up my hands in surrender when it comes to social media. Megan made this perplexing world understandable and simple. She was always available for a quick question or one of my panic attacks. Marketing books using social media is a really different world these days, and Megan made it fun. She’s simply the best there is!
Webb Hubbell Author of When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps
Megan’s enthusiasm for her client’s success is infectious.  Her no-nonsense approach to getting over hurdles quickly and effortlessly keeps me coming back for more. 
Jodi Brown
I just wanted to send a quick thank you!!!! This has really helped me get back on track and move me forward….I have already been working on everything.. So thank you again. I will be in touch. 
Stephanie Lewis

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