frequently asked questions

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What is this place? Who are you?

This is a WordPress website (and we can build one for you too!)

We are Conversations Media. We make you look good online and help you sell things to people.

How are you different from other companies doing the same thing?

We specialize in conversation-based engagement and lead generation specifically targeting your bottom line goals. (i.e. we don’t just update your Facebook page for the hell of it. There’s always an end goal…YOUR end goal.)

Why should I hire you?

Because we give a shit. (and you might be surprised at how many people don’t)

Life is short and our team believes in doing what we love and making an impact on the world through whatever we are working on.

We might not be your cup of tea (and you might not be ours – we reserve the right to refuse project requests if you’re an asshole), but if we ARE a match….FIREWORKS, y’all. Fireworks.

Where is your team located?

Errrrrrywhere. We are in New Orleans, Gulf Shores, New York, Croatia and Serbia.

I’m starting a new company...where do I...for lack of better words...START?

Start by taking a deep breath and then making a game plan.

Start by getting your legal ducks in a row! Check out my favorite tool for
covering your ass (so that you can focus on the fun stuff): SMALL BIZ BODYGUARD

What’s your number one piece of advice for someone starting a new brand/project/company?

Be brave, stay strong and don’t be generic.  Niche products/services sell better than general catch-alls.

I know it’s scary to focus on just one thing. And you probably don’t think the market is big enough for whatever that is. But do some market research, test the idea, and if it looks good – go for it!

Think: Warby Parker (not Wal Mart).

Does social media really lead to actual sales?

Only if you do it right.

How can I work with you?

Glad you asked!

I’m currently accepting new digital strategy clients, and we’ve got a couple of spots open for full service social media management.

As of 2015, my team has expanded and we are now offering website design and development, copywriting, SEO and analytics tracking.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you (and if we can’t, we’ll refer you to one of the rad people we know who can)!

Can I book a free initial consultation with you?

Are your goods/services free? No. Because we’re all running a business and time is money.

In the 5 years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve never entered into a positive client relationship with someone who started off trying to get consulting/work etc. for free.

Those tend to be the people who call my cell phone at 4a.m., pay late (or not at all) and are generally unhappy no matter what my team or I do for their project.

If you’re a consultant also – consider that a free life lesson from me to you. Don’t work with people who don’t respect your time right off the bat.

HOWEVER: you can book time with me by the minute here.

OR: get in touch to schedule a digital strategy session for optimum results.

You didn’t find an answer?

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