Maximize your Email Marketing Potential

How to Grow your Email Marketing List

In recent years, online marketers have shifted their focus to new marketing methods, email marketing being one of them. When you want to put your name out there and be heard, emailing your customers can be a powerful tool, if you use it right.


One of your most valuable business assets will be your email marketing list. If you want to grow your revenue and create loyal customers, this is the way to start. And it’s such a simple process! All you need to do in the very beginning is make people sign on. To grow and expand your list takes time, so be patient! It doesn’t happen overnight! You have to keep your focus and keep working at it!  It will pay off as long as you know what you’re doing, or if you know someone who knows what they’re doing. A misstep could harm your brand, so you have to be careful. This is where Conversations comes in. We want to show you how to grow your brand. And we have the technology. We can rebuild it (your brand.)

Here at, we can teach you new tricks, share tips, inspire you, and grow your online presence/brand. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


You gotta have Mojo Baby!

Who doesn’t love gifts! Offering gifts to entice people to join your list is a great way to expand your brand! Just asking someone to sign up is a little tacky, and comes off as desperate. But if there is an incentive involved, it doesn’t seem like a one way benefit. You scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours. You need to come up with something that has general, mass appeal. Who doesn’t love Amazon gift cards! Be creative! You are trying to provide these people with a good reason to let you bother them with emails, so make it worth it!

More Cowbell

Don’t misunderstand us, people generally DO want to sign up! They just need a good reason. It is your job to provide them one. After you’ve got them hooked, and have their email in your list, it is your responsibility to not waste their time! They are taking time out of their day to read what you have to say. There is an unspoken trust with email marketing. But we will lay it out for you here, free of charge. Consider it a gift! You provide good stuff and they stick around. If it’s garbage, there is a handy little unsubscribe link at the bottom. Under no circumstances are you to give them any reason to click that link!!!!! You want to expand your reach, not shrink it.


You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Never underestimate the power of a good deal. If giving everyone that signs up an actual gift is out of your budget, then offer a discount! Choose your most popular item or service and tell new subscribers they get a percentage off. If this is starting to sound like battle plans, congratulations, you are in the right frame of mind. There are thousands of other businesses out there. They are your competition, and you are “fighting” for your customer’s attention. We can help with that. Consider us your battle strategist!


If you build it, they WILL come

What if I told you that literally millions of customers were already assembled, waiting for you to reach out to them? Exciting right!! Guess what?! That’s called Facebook. Twitter. Google+. The masses are already assembled. Nine times out of ten, people are going to check a business’s Facebook page for reviews and additional information. If you don’t have one, then you’re losing out on customers. Our goal is to maximize your audience. We will make it worth your while, we promise.


Say. My. Name.

If you’ve ever been to any type of event where someone is marketing themselves, think back to their table. What is one thing that every one of those people had in common? Business cards out the wazoo! Right?! And why? Because for every person that picked one of those cards up, a connection was made. Even if they just read the card, and threw it away! In this day and age, when we are all about technology, business cards may seem old fashioned. We can assure you, they’re not. Take the time to get business cards made, and pass them out when the opportunity arises. You could even print a coupon code on the business card to provide them with another reason to sign up! The possibilities are endless.


We want to help you, help yourself. We will coach you. You are not alone. As social media marketing expands, there will be more and more people looking for answers, that are just like you. If anything you learn from us helps you expand your business, then we are glad to have helped. We said earlier that it takes hard work. And that’s true. But maybe, just maybe! We can make your lives a little bit easier.

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