Next Level Social Media:
A guided course to AMP UP your online marketing in 6 weeks

Next Level Social Media is a new Social Media Coaching program specially-designed for small business marketing managers who are looking for tools and strategies to create measurable results from their social media efforts.

Social media not only enhances your business’s customer service and builds awareness of your brand, but it also drives customers to make direct purchases from your business.

So why not create a strategy for your online marketing efforts that specifically addresses that one goal? 

It is clear that Megan does the due diligence to stay ahead of the curve in marketing / social media best practices. She is not afraid to try new strategies and tactics, but she takes the time to assess the results, leaving her with tried and true practices that get results.
Julia Stewart Propeller - A Force for Social innovation

In this course, Megan will share her gold nuggets of effective social media marketing.

NOTE: This is NOT a course for beginners.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve been managing social media for a business or brand for at least 6 months

  • You know the basics of posting to social media (and using hashtags, etc.) and use it regularly, but you want to know more about measuring the impact and results of your efforts

  • You know how to create content, but you need a little boost to take that content to the next level

This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re working with a business or brand that does not currently have a website

  • You haven’t yet gotten started with social media (i.e. your social media pages are not yet set up / you’ve never posted to social media before)

  • You are not the primary social media / online marketing manager for your business or brand

COURSE DATE: July 15th – August 30th

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Once you complete registration, you’ll receive an intake survey and some preliminary course materials to review in advance of the class on July 15th.


The course will kick off on July 15th with a live webinar (recorded as video for those who can’t make the live event or if you want to go back and review).


For each week of the course, you’ll receive a simple but effective strategy for growth, and an assignment for the week to execute strategies and/or implement tools.  You’ll have access to a private forum moderated by Megan that will allow you to give and receive confidential peer feedback from others in the group.


You’ll receive an individual one-on-one call with Megan during the program to check your progress, make adjustments and suggest some personalized tools and strategies to help your efforts become even more effective.

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