got a website that’s not bringing in clients? 

{ Solution: Better SEO. What’s SEO? Keep reading… }

It’s about being FOUND when your target client is looking for what YOU offer.

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO lately, and you already know that being found online when someone is looking for what you offer is the BEST way to get new, organic clients. But what you didn’t know? Is that improving your online searchability can be easy and painless!

 Allow me to outline a few online marketing goals for you for 2016:

1. Quickly and easily improve your online reputation—without spending a dime.
2. Enhance your online reputation in the MOST PROFESSIONAL manner.
3. Easily boost traffic to your website using a simple, but powerful tactic.
4. The often-overlooked way to use old clients to get quality new clients.
5. Track where your online prospects are coming from, so you can
know where to focus your online efforts.

Sound far fetched?  Well what if I told you that you could make all of this happen (easily) within 4-6 months?

Even better: you can either do it yourself or pay a small one time fee for us to do it for you. If you’re looking for a DIY solution, check out this free checklist.  If you’re interested in working with me to take care of all of this for YOU, keep reading… ::CLEARS THROAT::

We’re rolling out a brand new service for 2016 (just for lawyers) based on your requests and feedback!
It’s called the One Stop SEO Setup – and unlike most SEO services, it doesn’t stop working after our work is complete.


 SHORT FORM BIO: a hard-hitting, specific, 180 character representation of you that can be used across any social media or listing platform from now until eternity.

 LISTING CONSOLIDATION: are there duplicate listings of your location profiles online? Often, the answer to this is “I have no idea.” But in most cases, businesses DO have duplicate location listings online – and those can end up hurting your overall SEO. We’ll scan the internet for you, find duplicate listings and merge or delete depending on what will be most beneficial for your overall searchability.

LISTING OPTIMIZATION: for sites where you are already listed, we’ll complete your profile with compelling verbiage, add photos and other info and make sure that all of your location and contact info is correct. We’ll also strategically pepper in your target keywords to further optimize your listing for those searching for you.

SETUP AND CLAIMING: for sites where you are not listed yet, we’ll set those up for you and coordinate with you to verify that you “own” your listings.

Some example listings / profiles we will setup and optimize for you:


You fill out our intake form (it’s short, but important)! This gives us a chance to get to know you and how we can best position you for success.

Once we’ve got all your info, we’ll email you back with your week. YOUR week will be a full week dedicated to us making you sparkle online. We’ll need you to be accessible for us to call or email with questions, to verify accounts that are linked to your business line, and to get feedback / edits along the way.

At the end of the week, you’ll have at least 10 optimized listing that will boost your SEO, a killer bio that can be used and reused across the web, and the peace of mind in knowing that your SEO will continue to work for you (with no additional maintenance).

Example of an optimized LinkedIn Profile:

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.31.46 AM

Megan knows her online marketing! Following nothing but her the free tips in her newsletter and Social Media Sunday School, I had worked my website up to the top Google rankings for several keywords. I was a bit of a slack for several months, and realized that I had fallen down a couple of spots, and was no longer at the top! Megan recently gave a free talk about boosting SEO, and again, I followed her tips. Within a week or so, my site (and, incidentally, a sister-site I had started) was back on the top of the rankings. This is based on her free advice (maybe she should charge more for that!). I would totally recommend Megan for any digital and social media marketing needs!
Andrew Legrand New Orleans Small Business Attorney


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